ACF events, 2016

This year, we are planning a number of smaller meetings in different localities rather than one formal conference.  These will be on the basis of asking people to bring sandwiches and contribute informally to the cost.  If you are not an ACF member we will invite you to join with a reduced first years subscription. Details below.

Bath, Wednesday 21st September 2016

11am to 3.30pm at St Bartholomew’s Church Centre, 1 King Edward Rd, Bath, BA2 3PB    Tel: 01225 427 428. Meeting Administrator’s mobile: 07733 354 905

We have three speakers at this meeting covering the following themes:

Biblical Themes and Farming – Rev Robert de Berry will open our session by talking about the way in which ‘Honey and Thistles’ has used the Biblical material referred to. He will then lead discussions on this particular aspect. Robert’s life has been a mixture of rural development in Africa and leading challenging Parishes in England.

Our World’s Themes and Agriculture – Richie Alford, Policy Adviser at Send a Cow, will then talk about the way in which the political and economic realities around farming imperil the long-term future of sustainable agriculture, and will lead further discussion on this aspect.
Richie is a former dairy farmer whose focus is now the way in which food and agriculture policy affects small farmers.  He has clear views about the way in which farmers need to understand the realities in this area.

What are our themes in relation to agricutlure – John Wibberley will reflect upon, and lead discussion on how all this impacts on our daily lives, whether as farmers, consumers or lobbyists – how do we live our Christian responses?
John, who has been an ACF member from the day it began has taught in Cirencester and in Reading University and challenged and advised those running farming schemes and programmes from Kenya to Exmoor.

Anyone who registers for either will be sent a copy of Honey & Thistles if they don’t already have it.  In either case make your first contact with the national office.

West Midlands, Saturday 10th September

3pm – 7pm, at Southfields Farm, Packington Lane, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3EJ

For further information contact John Plumb on: 01675 465123  or e-mail:

‘Cultivating Conviviality’ – ‘sharing Food and Farming’

Crossing the boundary between town and country giving time for people to meet over food – more of an open day than a conference.   The possibility of  a walk and trailer ride.

Visit to Wurtemburg, 26 to 30 September 2016

As many of you may know, when our FCN President Christopher Jones and ACF colleagues were contemplating the establishment of FCN, they were inspired in large part by the work of the Protestant Farmers’ Association (PFA) in Wurttemberg, Germany.
We visited Germany and received a great deal of encouragement from that organisation with whom we have stayed in touch over the intervening years.
About ten years ago, a trip was organised to Germany to renew old friendships and share experiences and more recently, our German friends visited us here in the UK in 2014.
ACF are again planning to visit Germany this September and have extended an invitation to any member of ACF or FCN who may be interested in accompanying them.  If nearer the time we have spare places we can offer it more widely.
The proposed programme will include the following:
* Exploration of the PFA program which provides relief workers, domestic or agricultural, for families encountering problems like sickness in order to consider what might be possible in the UK
* Visit(s) to local farms.
* Comparison between the administration and operation of European Policy in Britain and Germany. Also, to compare the general relationship with government.
* To have some discussion about the overall trends of farming and agricultural politics.
* Some discussion on farming, climate change and renewable energy generation as an opportunity for farmers.
* A look at Christian issues underlying all these topics.
The cost of the travel and the accommodation would need to be borne by each delegate but will be quite reasonable since we will be staying in PFA lodgings.
If you would like to know more information about the trip, please express your interest by contacting the ACF national office.  Sooner rather than late