Cultivating understanding

Cultivating understanding. The growth, spread and uses of knowledge within farming. Christopher Jones MBE & Dan Taylor, Agriculture and Theology Project, 2011.

Knowledge is not morally neutral. The ways in which it is developed, shared and used can enrich relationships, enhance social capital, and enable the struggling, as well as contributing general material benefits. In England and Wales, in the 25 years after the Second World War, the closely linked experimental husbandry farms and advisory service built up a network of farm related research and knowledge sharing within trusting relationships. This under-girded the restoration of the fabric of British agriculture after the long slump from 1870 to 1938, together with a transformation in animal health and food supply. Universities fueled this with basic independent and objective research. Extension work, which introduced the growing of swamp rice to the then eastern region of Nigeria, provides another example of effective knowledge sharing from the same era.

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