Derbyshire ACF

The next event of the Derbyshire group of ACF will be the annual farm walk. This will be held at Hollies Farm, Shottle, Belper on Saturday 16th July. The event will commence at 2.30pm with a picnic together, followed by a short time of worship. After this 2 trailers will be provided as part of a circular "walk". There will suitable activities available for children. For further information contact Graham Hinds (local secretary) on 07833 638562/ Read more [...]

Latest ACF update

The December 2015 ACF update is now available online here. This issue includes items on 'EU - in or out?', the Prince of Wales' recent address to Royal Agricultural University graduands, 'food poverty and farmer poverty', and an introduction to new ACF Committee member, Dai Watkins. Read December 2015 ACF update.... Read more [...]

Pointers to the future of UK farming from the 2014 Conference

• The real context for farming is as a pivotal point in the relationships of humans, with God, with the Natural World, and among themselves. This reality demands for many a radical change of mindset. • Food is not just a commodity to trade: it is the staff of life uniquely able to be a focus of family, community and social life. • Food security at home and overseas should be a matter of urgent concern. • The World can be fed without ruining ecosystems. • Agriculture and health are closely Read more [...]

Opinion Piece by Susan Atkinson (2)

FOOD (part 2) However we were created by God, humans now have the dentition (teeth) and digestive systems of omnivores. We do not have the long intestines or herbivores nor the short intestines of carnivores, but something in between. Basically we can eat a very wide variety of foodstuffs, but this also raises questions that cannot be answered. Humans are meat eaters, but not only are we incapable of hunting down our prey by chasing it at high speed, as do so many carnivores; we do not have the Read more [...]

Opinion Piece by Susan Atkinson (1)

FOOD (Part 1) In Genesis Ch1. V.29 we read that God gave Man every seed bearing plant and every tree with seed containing fruit as food. Then in Ch.4 v.3 we read that Abel kept flocks while Cain worked the soil. This is in keeping with God telling Adam that the Earth was cursed because of Adam’s sin and so he would have to toil for food. Notice that the wording is “cursed is the earth because of you” and not God saying He had or would curse the earth because of Adam. When Adam sinned Read more [...]